Georgia Sanders

I’m a writer and content expert. That’s kind of vague, I know. What it means is, I can help you find the right words.

How you describe yourself, how you describe your products, and how you talk to your customers, what content you put out in the world - these are all fundamental parts of getting your message in the right place and making a real impact. 

I can help you figure out what that message is, how to get it where it needs to be, and what to say to achieve your goals. It’s all about finding the right words.


Clare Walker - A Cunning Plan

"Georgia is an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely professional and accommodates her writing style for the brief given. We work with Georgia on several blog articles per week for one client, so content creation and keeping reader engagement is crucial and Georgia manages to succeed with both of these tasks every time."

Sarah Cook - I'm With Geek

"Georgia is a highly exuberant and impassioned writer who delivers her work with flare, style and talent. Working under duress, she constantly hits goals and targets, exceeding all that is expected of her. She has a quick wit and intellect that effervesces in her writing skill, both in article writing, social media and her creative work. Being alongside her and having her work for my sites has lifted the bar to the highest of standard. Employing Georgia will give your company an incredible asset and then some as her work, ethics and personality are unparalleled."

Marie Poole - TRMG 

"Georgia is a very thorough and efficient proofreader and copy editor. She had a flawless understanding of the English language and a very meticulous proofreading skills. She is able to turn poorly written bullet points into wonderfully written prose in a timely manner, for a variety of audiences. Thoroughly recommended."

Kelsey Champion - TGV

"Georgia was commissioned by myself to contribute copy to a product brochure. Going off a relatively non-existent brief, Georgia researched and produced high-quality copy in a short space of time. Georgia works efficiently and to a high standard. She is able to write on a wide variety of topics in many different styles. I thoroughly recommend her ."