Georgia Sanders

Georgia Sanders (nee Thompson) is a copywriter, editor, journalist, marketer and fiction writer. She is currently the Content Manager for Figaro Digital, a marketing magazine and events company based in Islington.

She has written entertainment, arts and political features, critiques, profiles and columns for publications such as, ScreenRant, The Metropolist, Figaro Digital and The Fan Carpet, including attending industry events, red carpets and interviews.

She has been a Production Editor on various specialist magazines such as the International Sheet Metal Review and Herts Biker - and national event show guides such as Motorcycle Live and Truckfest.

She has written professional copy for press releases, e-mail and mail merge copy, company publications, B2B/B2C newsletters, catalogues, brochures, media packs, etc. for a wide variety of clients, from events, marketing and PR agencies to estate agents and Livery companies, including Race Retro, The Worshipful Company of Insurers, Freemen of The City of London.

She also works as an editor, proofreader and content creator for the Royal Institute of British Architects, as well as heading freelance short and long-term performance driven events and marketing campaigns across the UK.

Internalised Misogyny in the Music Industry: Yes, I'm in the Band –

I have been a musician for as long as I can remember. I honestly don’t remember it starting, it just always has been. A vocalist, to be precise. My parents met in a band – my mum sang, my dad played guitar. I have three brothers – two DJ’s and one guitarist. My aunt sings, my uncle sings, my cousin is, as we speak, on a touring run of Dirty Dancing. Music is in my blood. And it doesn’t stop there – I’ve never a person who wasn’t a musician. Literally every single person who has seen me naked ha

We Are Constantly Learning: How to Make Mistakes in Activism –

Activism has more or less surrounded my personality, my being, for my entire adult life. Perhaps it was solidified when I undertook my first piece of volunteer work, or when I went on my first march. Maybe it goes all the way back to my first Blue Peter Bring and Buy sale at age eleven, when I commandeered a school classroom and flogged my classmates’ old crap to raise money for charity. Maybe it was somewhere in between those two points. Or–more likely–maybe it has been a constant evolution.

Can We Stop Talking About My Uterus like it's Not in the Room? –

Georgia Sanders & Hannah Bundock, in conversation on the constant comments about their reproductive lives. ‘When are you going to start trying?’, ‘Will we be hearing the patter of little feet soon?’ ‘You’d make a great Mum’… Hands up who’s sick of hearing this type of thing? HB: I certainly am and no one’s even saying it to me at the moment! I’ve already popped out a sprog so the pressure cooker has been turned down a notch for me, but for the childless mid twenties woman, there is just so muc

Can You Believe How Fat She Got? –

Trigger Warning: This article contains mention of eating disorders and depression. It is spat like venom, mouthed across rooms, and even gasped in horror. One syllable that has engulfed conversation after conversation, has pulled focus of the masses. “I feel so fat,” someone says after a large meal. “She’s a fat bitch,” friends snipe behind the backs of their foes. “I could never wear something like that, I’m too fat,” we say cruelly to ourselves. Diet and exercise, they say. 70% diet, 30%

Brand Responsibility: Body Image

Last summer, Protein World’s Beach Body Ready campaign sparked a new energy in the ongoing debate of brands’ responsibility when it comes to consumer body image. The campaign, which infamously depicted a thin woman in a bikini, advertised meal replacement supplements alongside the phrase “are you beach body ready?”, and received 378 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), suggesting that the ad was socially irresponsible and implied that women should not feel comfortable in bea
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