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announces new merger with West Hart Partnership

At the end of October 2021, WHP became a part of the Corstorphine & Wright Architects – elevating its number of employees to over 200. WHP is a RIBA chartered architectural practice with over 20 years of experience predominantly in the Health Care Sector. Corstorphine & Wright has announced an exciting new merger with midlands-based West Hart Partnership (WHP), which will become its tenth studio in the UK and fourth in the region. Formed by Steve West and Jim Hart in 1999, WHP comprises a high

Should I install a heat pump?

Energy bills have been a hot topic of conversation recently – and analysts have predicted a rise of up to 30% on gas bills in the next 12 months. With the ongoing discussion around global warming, and 85% of UK homes using fossil fuel driven gas boilers for their home heating, it’s understandable that some families are looking to change the way they heat their house. One alternative that is growing in popularity is the heat pump – but it may not be suitable for everyone. Lazard are expert plum

announces new female Head of Operations

Having begun her journey at Corstorphine & Wright in 2011, Suzie has held a number of roles with the practice, progressing her skills each step of the way. A true testament to our commitment to internal development, Suzie has been promoted through the ranks from Office Manager, to this newly created senior post which will work with the Board of Directors to achieve its bold ambitions. We’re incredibly proud of our culture of development and investing in our people. Suzie commented: “I’ve had th

Glider partners with community charity Stronger Together

At Glider we are firm believers in the importance of giving back to our communities and helping those in need. That is why we are incredibly proud to be working directly with the regional charity, Stronger Together to help support people in the North East of England who are at risk of social isolation. As well as using our expertise to help with their technology needs, we are funding one of the charity’s new social groups. Who is Stronger Together? Stronger Together is a charity operating acr

What does the new BIM Mandate mean for you?

Who is the mandate for? While the mandate from the IPA is set out for publicly funded projects overseen by the IPA, the roadmap also enforces the mandates set out in the Construction Playbook, a government guide to construction which is applicable to the entire public sector regardless of project ownership. The playbook outlines, for example, that “contracting authorities and suppliers should apply the UK Building Information Management Framework”. The objective of the roadmap is to delineate

Merve Ozdemir discusses implementing COBie on mega-projects

As an expert in large-scale projects and a specialist in BIM at Tekfen Engineering, Merve Ozdemir is also the only COBie Certified Professional™ in Turkey. Having passed the COBie Certified Professional™ Examination, we invited Merve to join our series of interviews with COBie experts, discussing the importance of COBie in large and global projects. I originally heard about COBie a long time ago, but I didn’t know that much about it until around three years ago. In 2018 my clients began to requ

Chauffeur driven luxury car hire

Prosperity Executive Travel provides chauffeur driven luxury car hire in London and the surrounding areas. Our exceptional chauffeur service is curated to your needs, covering everything from airport transfers and business meetings to bespoke shopping trips and days out. Board one of our prestigious Mercedes-Benz cars and be whisked to your destination in comfort and style, by a courteous and professional chauffeur – specialist attire and all. Our chauffeur driven cars offer affordable luxury w

What Are My Maternity Rights?

When a new child is joining your family, both parents have specific parental rights both before and after the birth or adoption. Here we look at what those rights are, and what to do if you feel you are being discriminated against. Parental right have been specifically put in place to ensure that both of you can focus on your parental responsibilities without the fear of discrimination, and be able to return to work when you’re ready. Your rights are enshrined in law, so any organisation that b

Henry Di Zhu tells us why more regions need to be embracing COBie

As part of our series speaking to buildingSMART COBie Certified Professionals™, we spoke to Nohara VDC’s Henry Di Zhu about his experience using COBie - and why he thinks the system needs to become recognised globally. A renowned Project Manager, Henry is an expert in all things BIM, with years of experience in design and analysis across the construction sectors in the USA, China, the Middle-East and South East Asia. What was your first experience with COBie? I heard of COBie three years ago.

Glider expands project management team with the appointment of Molly Giblin

Glider has appointed a new Project Manager to its specialist digital construction team. Molly Giblin’s appointment will help to support Glider in meeting the increasing demand for CDEs. More specifically, Molly will be supporting clients with AIM CDE Implementation, as well as managing and maintaining data and information. With five years’ project management experience, Molly comes from a background in the civic and heritage sector. She has an extensive knowledge of data migration and informati

Glider appoints new Risk and Compliance Manager

Common Data Environment (CDE) specialist Glider announces the appointment of new Risk and Compliance Manager, Ajay Mistry. Having joined the team in the autumn of 2021, Ajay will be implementing and maintaining a number of Risk and Compliance elements across the company. Our team continues to rapidly expand as more and more firms across the AEC industry adopt the gliderbim® environment as their go-to CDE. As well as spending time and money developing a premium standard product, it is also imper

Digital influencer John Ford talks about the merits of COBie

As we continue our interview series with COBie professionals, we spoke to John Ford, Galliford Try’s BIM and Digital Construction Lead, about his introduction to COBie and being one of the more influential BIM-minds in the UK. John has been contributing to the UK BIM-journey for 10 years, helping to inform and develop information management industry standards. Having taken part in some of the early BIM case studies that lead to the BIM Maturity concept, John has now contributed to the authorshi

The benefits of laser cutting aluminium

The 13th element in the periodic table, aluminium is the most widespread metal on earth. Despite being found in several naturally occurring minerals, it is often thought of as a ‘new’ material due to the fact that it binds easily with other elements, and so is not found in nature in its purest form. Only more recently have we been able to extract aluminium from these minerals for daily use. Here we look at why high performance laser cutting is the best solution for cutting even the most challen

When does the furlough scheme end, and what will happen when it does?

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has been in place since March 2020, and has been extended several times. The CJRS is more commonly known as ‘furlough’ and has been responsible for keeping over 11 million people’s jobs safe over the past 18 months. The government initially contributed 80% of workers’ wages, reducing to 70% in July, and further reducing to 60% in August and September as more restrictions have been loosened and more people have been able to work. However, with furloug

How can I apply for the fifth SEISS self-employment grant?

If you have been financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and you’re self-employed, or a member of a partnership, you may be eligible to make use of the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS). The SEISS has been running since early in the pandemic, when the UK government implemented it during the first lockdown in March 2020. It was designed to support those who had experienced a loss of earnings – for example those whose businesses were unable to open due to coronavirus restric

Shortages in Construction post-Covid

Looking back to early 2020, the construction industry was in a good place until lockdown shook us all. However as an industry, we are incredibly resilient and tools were not down for long, as the green light was given from government for projects to continue – all-be-it a little differently. As the months progressed having the authority to deliver on projects was superb, but it quickly became apparent not all sectors we operating as we were, and resource shortages started to impact building and

buildingSMART talks to COBie Certified Professional Emma Hooper

Associate Digital Information Specialist, Emma Hooper is the co-author of “Delivering COBie Using Autodesk Revit”, and was one of the very first digital construction specialists to succeed in becoming a buildingSMART COBie Certified Professional™. Now a certified COBie Master, Emma works with clients to help structure their information requirements and deliver those requirements by setting up delivery workflows. Using COBie, Emma helps to define workflows to deliver and check data before handin

Should I use a solicitor to write my will?

Your will is possibly the most important document you’ll ever create. It details all of your wishes for when you pass away, from where your money goes, to who gets your belongings, who’s responsible for your pets and dependents, and any other instructions you wish to leave behind. Writing your will can be incredibly overwhelming, or even traumatic, due to its sensitive nature and the need to consider every possibility. Will must also be reviewed every few years to ensure they meet the needs. He

The role of Digital Twin in building Facilities Management

Data acquisition layer is the foundation of each Digital Twin. Due to the heterogeneity and large volume of data, the acquisition mechanism and approach includes several challenges, especially when considering the type, format, source and content of data. It can be collected from a multitude of sources such as wireless sensor network system (WSNS), Internet of Things (IoT) devices, QR codes, image-based techniques, Mobiles and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) techniques which can be used fo

What does it mean to be a COBie Master?

The Construction Operation Building information exchange (COBie) is an information delivery specification often typically delivered at the end of a project. However, the goal of COBie is to highlight how handover information can be captured and delivered during design and construction saving both time and money compared with traditional handover methods. Over more than a dozen years since COBie’s release, teams continue to rely on inefficient and costly processes that produce inaccurate informa
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